Republican’s club fundraises through Goat-A-Thon


Story by Andrea Bandy, Reporter

The PHS Teenage Republican’s club is raising money through the Goat-A-Thon.  

The club is collecting donations at their table in the commons during lunch (April 4th-18th). 

The money that is raised will go towards providing various necessities to families in need overseas. The donations will be given to the Samaritan’s Purse organization which will facilitate the distribution of funds. 

Different dollar amounts will provide different items that the families may need, including blankets, hot meals, baby chicks, food packages, and last, but certainly not least, a goat. As a bonus incentive, there will be a drawing at the end of the fundraiser and the winner of the drawing will get to shave Mr. Butler’s head.

Junior Owen Miller shared why he believes in supporting the cause. 

“So, you know how in America, we have a government that’s able to help us out?” Miller said. “We have strong communities, we have religious organizations, but a lot of countries that we’re trying to support don’t have the same institutions and they don’t have the same opportunities we have economically or infrastructure we have to recover. So, especially during the era we find ourselves in now, it’s very, very important to be there for people who don’t really have somebody on their side.”