Culinary Club and Student Council hosts food drive


Photo by: Lane Phifer

This photo showcases examples of what students and staff can donate to the food drive.

Story by Lane Phifer and Katie Davis

Between Nov. 30 to Dec. 11, Culinary Club and Student Council will be collaborating on hosting a food drive where students that are involved in clubs and extracurricular activities can donate to Club 209A and Creating Legacies. 

Creating Legacies is an organization that aids anyone no matter the financial situation. 

“How they see it is if you are struggling or going through a small bump in the road, they’re willing to help you,” Student Council advisor Samantha Warren said. “No kid should be hungry simply because they have no control over their situation. At the end of the day, no kid should ever have to worry about where they’re going to get their next meal. To me, that’s a basic right.”

When asked what kind of legacy he wanted to leave at Pittsburg High School, senior Daniel Parker decided to create a food drive.

“When he asked me what I wanted my legacy at PHS to be, I said that I wanted to lead the biggest food drive the school has ever seen,” Parker said. “I think students could benefit from this food drive by really getting to participate in an event and in a way a team-building activity. It’s a way to get everyone involved and it’s for a good cause.”

Students and staff can donate non-perishable foods and hygiene products that individuals can benefit from. 

“Students can collect food items and stage them in the student council room and staff can donate to whatever club they want to support,” Culinary Club advisor Chef Anthony Fischer said. “We are accepting canned meals like tuna, ravioli, soups and such. We are also collecting hygiene items like toilet paper, paper towels, diapers and soap.”

Donated items will be collected throughout the 600 hall where there will be multiple areas with tape around them. The goal is for all clubs and organizations to stack items past the top of the line.

“On Dec. 11, members of the club will start stacking before school and during study hall,” Fischer said. “We will take photos and measure which is the latest and decide on the winning club or team that day. We will announce the winner on Monday, Dec. 14.”

Winners will receive a catered dessert by the Culinary Dragons and the traveling trophy.

“The trophy’s name is George. It was made especially for us by the folks from Haven Support,” Fischer said. “He is supposed to symbolize or embody the playful nature of cooking and what is in the hearts of most culinarians.”