Equality Club hosts voter registration booth

Sarah Alcantar and Ashlan Brooks


Photo by: Rebeccah Jones

Story by Hannah Gray, Print Co-Editor, Online Co-Editor

As the 2020 election creeps closer, Equality Club hosted a voter registration booth during lunch to encourage students to register. 

The club hosted the booth on Tuesday, Oct. 6 and Thursday, Oct. 8. 

“We wanted students to be involved as much as they can,” Senior Bailee Edson, member of Equality Club said. “We’ve been posting about it on social media and spreading the word verbally throughout the school.” 

The idea came about during a meeting. Members of the club agreed that having it right here at PHS would be the best option for students.

“A lot of kids feel like they don’t have time, especially seniors.” Edson said. “Having the booth right there during lunch makes it basically impossible for you to say that you can’t.”

Equality Club member and senior, Rebekah Sheward, hopes students will increase their interest in politics. 

“Registering to vote is so important. Even though most people think that they’re only one person that won’t change anything, everyone’s vote makes a difference,” Sheward said. “I would kindly express to everyone that politics are very important in our everyday life, especially since this presidential election will affect us young adults.” 

Overall, the club believes that this project represents what they stand for. 

“Making a difference is what Equality Club stands for,” Sheward said. “We are the next generation to make a difference, and by helping everyone to register to vote, we can do that.”