Club 209A, Leadership Class collaborate to host donation drives

Story by Lane Phifer, Multimedia Editor

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As the holidays begin to approach us, faculty members are taking charge to aid students that don’t have their basic needs met at home. In order to do so, Club 209A, a counseling and admin-led initiative, is running several donation drives to help those in need. 

“With Club 209A, we hope to reduce the stigma of kids who don’t have everything they need at home by making the drive 100% confidential,” social worker Susan Russian said. “We’ve had a lot of help so far with this drive from people in the community and funding, with this we plan to help as many students as possible.”

As a way to work alongside Club 209A, technology and building trades teacher Keith Matlock and his Leadership Service Through Actions class decided to run the blanket and food donation drive for a second year. 

Matlock and his students hope to contribute to the community and those in need of a blanket or food with the winter months ahead. 

“I think it’s important for all students who don’t have their needs met at home to go to a friend, a counselor, or someone they’re most comfortable with.” ”

— Marcos Lira

“Around this time of year, it gets cold and there are plenty of students that don’t have the resources and things they need to stay safe, warm and healthy,” Matlock said. “I hope all students know they can go talk to one of the counselors, or Mrs. Russian, whoever they feel most comfortable with, to ask for the help that we are happy to give.”

On Nov. 8, Miller’s Professional Imaging contacted Matlock and his leadership class about donating 15 gallon-sized trash bags full of blankets to the drive. 

“I was really shocked when Miller’s donated all those blankets to us and I felt like we truly couldn’t thank them enough,” sophomore Marcos Lira said. “I think it’s important for all students who don’t have their needs met at home to go to a friend, a counselor, or someone they’re most comfortable with.” 

Senior Heaven Hardesty’s mother, Elizabeth Webber, works at Millers and once she saw the flyers for the room 608 donation drive, Hardesty ensured to donate as many blankets as possible by getting Millers involved with the drive. 

“I’ve been in a situation where I didn’t have the stuff that I needed, especially when it was cold, and I know how much that sucks,” Hardesty said. “By helping somebody else get out of the situation, it made me feel like I was actually doing something good.”

Due to the multiple students, staff members, and teachers all across SEK, students at PHS are able to go home with the food, clothing, shoes and blankets they need. 

“What’s awesome about Pittsburg is that there are always people willing to step up, whether it’s Miller’s or another company,” Matlock said. “To see the reaction that we get and the people that are willing to step up, along with the school, is awesome.”