NHS inducts new members

Story by Abby Painter, Social Media Editor

On Nov. 11, the PHS chapter of National Honors Society (NHS) hosted a banquet to induct 25 new members. 

Prior to the ceremony, senior inductee Alec Kangas was surprised to receive a letter congratulating him on his acceptance. 

“I got excited because I didn’t think I would get accepted,” Kangas said. “I didn’t really put in a whole lot of effort my [freshman] year so I thought that would bring down my chances.”

Throughout the year, Kangas, along with the rest of the organization, will be required to attend at least half of the monthly community service opportunities in order to remain in the organization.

“My goals for this year are to increase participation and community involvement,” NHS president senior Mikayla Kitchen said.

Kitchen strives to achieve this by sending out weekly notifications on Remind and holding meetings one to two times per month.

“Last year there wasn’t very much participation, so this year that’s the main focus,” Kitchen said. “There are new ways to make sure that is happening and the communication is very much improved as well.”

Kitchen is excited for the new inductees to contribute to NHS.

“With their addition, we will be able to have an even larger impact in the community and serve more people,” Kitchen said. “Also, they are the ones who will be leading NHS next year so I am excited to start training and preparing them for next year.”