HOSA celebrates national HOSA week by hosting events

Story by Braden Benson

Nov. 18-22 is HOSA Week, designed to celebrate health professions and to bring more awareness of the health field to the student body.

“The point is to bring more awareness to health and to promote health careers to high school students that are interested,” vice president Mikayla Kitchen said. “Also, to promote early prevention as far as mental health and blood pressure, stuff like that.”

HOSA is a student-led organization to bridge the gap between high school and careers in healthcare. It helps students find jobs, and find opportunities where they can grow while in the field, and in high school.

Throughout HOSA Week, every day will have a theme. 

On day one, the main setup will take place at lunch.

“We’re going to start with career display day at lunch and will have different health profession displays set up so that people can learn more about careers,” Kitchen said.

The following day will be a check-up day for students.

“Then we’ll have a day where we check vitals like health screenings where we check blood pressure and temperature and heart rate, and just talk about like early prevention,” Kitchen said.

Wednesday will be for games.

“We’ll have a day where we do games like Operation at lunch and have like little prizes, set up to talk about surgery and surgeons and health with that.” Kitchen said.

On Thursday, a scavenger hunt will be taken place.

“And then we’re gonna have a scavenger hunt day, which I’m really excited for, Kitchen said.” “We’re going to have little rubber duckies hid around the school that look like doctor ducks. If you find one, you get a goodie bag.”

On the final day, a health professional will be speaking. 

“On Friday, we’re going to have a mental health day where we have a mental health professional come in. [They will be] speaking at lunch, just about prevention and maintaining your health, especially while we’re in high school.”