Board of Education approves alternative school

Story by Joseph Lee, Co-Editor-In-Chief

Photo courtesy of Creative Commons

USD 250 will open a new alternative learning center in August. The plan was approved by the Board of Education (BOE) on May 14.

Alternative learning provides a different learning setting for students who are not able to learn in the traditional school setting.

Marlene Willis, president of the BOE, said there has been a persistent need for an alternative learning facility.

“The alternative school will provide a path for students who do not find success in either of our current options,” Willis said. “The alternative school furthers the mission of being inclusive of all types of learners while empowering students to own their future and their learning.”

The new facility will be located at 312 West Fourth Street. The building is leased to the district at a rate of $1,500 per month. It will house middle school and high school students. The alternative school will have two full-time teachers and two paras who are yet to be announced according to assistant principal Jeff Staley.

The school will start out with 12-15 students who will be selected by a committee of counselors, administration, teachers, and the alternative school director who is yet to be announced.

“We hope that the number grows each year,” Staley said.

Assistant principal Kelynn Heardt sees the alternative school as a proper method for students who aren’t effectively receiving their education.

“We have students that either need to cover credit more quickly or they can’t handle this environment, but they can’t really handle all online, and they’re not a special education student,” Heardt said. “We just needed to develop something to take care of our entire population.”


To see the meeting agenda at which this plan was approved, click here.