Behind the Scenes:

Tech Theater

Rep Theater class on stage for class. (Left to right: Will Williams, Ashley Singh, Sophie Casper, Aunyx Estes, Corin Cooper, Ella Rhuems, Mallory Womeldorff, and Kate Thueson)

Story by Zane Imhof

Stagecraft is a theater class that helps build sets for productions, Taught by Theater teacher Chuck Boyles. 

“Stagecraft is a class designed specifically to expand students’ skills for the Performing Arts with regard to onstage performances,” Boyles said. “We touch on the basics, electrical construction, painting, rigging, design, sound, lighting, and anything that has anything to do with the performing arts or activities around.” 

Junior Dylan Holcomb, is a student in Boyles’ class.  “Sometimes we go to the actual theater we have here in town, and we do stuff for them,” Holcomb said. “Recently, they asked for a pirate ship to be built for them, we’re actually starting on the little women’s play right now.  The entire premise of the class is just building sets.”

Stagecraft teaches students about craftsmanship, budgeting, and a plethora of other skills the students will learn.

Senior Ashley Singh, a student who has taken the class multiple times, spoke about tools and what they learn within the class.

“So we do for the first semester of the class we set up. First, we go over tools, and all of the necessities, like safety and everything so that we know what we’re dealing with. We set the stage for shows, for example, or for display,” Singh said. “We learn a lot of painting techniques, especially with the show, and you learn a lot of problem solving skills, because we have a budget.”