Covid-19 changes Special Olympics competitions

December 16, 2020

The Special Olympics is an annual event for students with disabilities to come together for fun and games. A regional director divides the Special Olympics up by regions, which are divided up by schools and gives dates to the participating teams. 

Due to COVID-19 this year, the organizers canceled bowling, and it has yet to be rescheduled. The participants also have to take precautions while performing their activities. 

“Each athlete and adult had to fill out a COVID form,” paraprofessional Monica Maus said. “Temp checks, masks at all times and no parents.”

Only a certain amount of kids are allowed to participate in events. The ones who do not get to have a party at the high school.

“I love everything about Special Olympics,” said Maus. “I love that the kids get to participate in different sports and excel to their ability and have fun doing it. I also love, win or lose. They still smile.”

Special Olympics recently had a bocce ball event held at the Lincoln Park ballfields. However, to take precautions, the hosts are having to mail participants’ medals this year. Other events are still going as planned. 

“My favorite event is golf,” junior Joey Tarwater said. “When you hit the ball it goes far, and riding in the golf carts [is fun, too].” 

Even having to take precautions, the students still enjoy the Special Olympics and participating in the events. 

“The students love going places and doing fun things,” Kloster said. “Special Olympics is very fun for the students and something they look forward to.” 

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