Techy teens

Students explore tech classes


In the tech lab, students can be found building an elaborate bridge, using a laser to cut a piece of plywood, and even designing a website depending on the class going on at the time.

The technology department offers six elective classes activities intended to cover nearly every field related to the applied sciences. Students are introduced to the curriculum with Foundations of Technology before being given the choice of five other varying courses ending with Applications of Technology as a repeatable capstone class. Instructor Andrew Brennon teaches classes concerning design, engineering, power, energy, transportation, communication, production and construction meant to narrow down specific branches of the program.

Growing up in the technological world, Brennan was intrigued by technology and he values that his job allows him to work in a lab environment as opposed to lecturing in the classroom. He finds it important to share his knowledge with his students so that they can have a technological advantage outside of school.

“I want my students to leave my class with a better understanding of how technology works. I will never be able to teach them everything about technology as the field grows more every day.” Brennon said. “I want my students to have the skills to be able to learn about new technologies and to understand the impact technology will have on their life in the future.”

Junior Jakob Cupp takes Production and Construction with Brennon and has learned more than he expected to when he joined the class.

“In Production and Construction we built a toolbox out of sheet metal. Before we could get started though, our most important tool, the pan shear, broke. Since were are in an upper-level class, we had to fix it. So not only did my teammates and I learn more about metal working, we learned about the mechanisms of it and how to repair tools,” Cupp said.

Jakob’s favorite part about his tech classes is the constant problem solving associated with working on new projects.

“The technology classes are all about problem solving and working out in the lab, which are two of my favorite things to do. The problems we have to solve are always interesting and I love coming up with a solution and figuring out how to manufacture it in the lab,” Cupp said.

According to Brennon, tech classes are updated consistently due to technological advancements that directly affect the school’s curriculum.

“My favorite part about teaching technology is the rapid change technology goes through. I have to be on my toes and always open to new and changing technologies,” Brennon said.

Students get hands-on experience with most of the lab’s equipment in their courses.

“The freedom in my classroom varies from class to class. My capstone class offers the most freedom as students are working on individual projects and have all shown the ability to work safely with the freedom,” Brennon said.

Cupp is in the lab as much as he can be as he loves the freedom of working on anything he can come up with.

“I love the freedom of building. Anything that I can imagine, I can build.”

Senior Luke Spillman has taken tech classes since freshman year and has successfully taken every one of his courses throughout the last four years.

“I’m interested in becoming a technology educator and I would say Brennon is an inspiration for me,” said Spillman, “Brennon gives his students a lot of freedom and it makes the classes really fun.”

Brennon’s tech classes are Cupp’s favorite because of the fun of working on new projects and it has made him sure that he wants to go the whole way through his courses.

“I plan on going through every technology class that Mr. Brennon offers,” Cupp said. “He is a great teacher and everybody has lots of fun in every class.”