Kanye West drops new gospel rap album

Story by Ian Sullivan, Reporter

As far as his political views , I am not a very huge fan of Kanye West. However, I find it nearly impossible to dispute his credibility as an artist. On top of his rap-career, he is a well-known record producer and fashion designer with his line of clothing, Yeezy.

West released his 9th studio album, “JESUS IS KING,” on Oct. 25. The album is 11 songs and 27 minutes long. This is his first solo album since his 2018 release titled “ye.”

The 1st track on the album is titled “Every Hour” and it features the Sunday Service Choir. This track is essentially a church choir singing about how important the Lord is in their lives. West, however, did not feature vocals on this track. The 2nd track is another song that I enjoyed off this album and it is titled “Selah.” It features two verses from West and the chorus by the Sunday Service Choir.

“Follow God” is another track I enjoyed. This track details the apparent struggle between West and his father’s religious differences. This track really reminded me of the older Kanye-type songs. I also enjoyed the seventh track “Water”, which features R&B artist Ant Clemons. In this track, West and Clemons use water as a metaphor for being pure, as in “Clean us like the rain in spring,” and “We are water, Pure as water”.

One track I did not enjoy as much as the others was the fourth track, “Closed on Sunday.” This track is centered around Chick Fil-A, which is closed on Sundays. I felt that the lyrics were kind of corny and weren’t well thought-out like the rest of this album. 

Overall, this album really surprised me. It would’ve never crossed my mind that I would enjoy something labeled as gospel rap. West’s creativity is evident once again with this project, as no one else is doing anything like this in the rap-game. “JESUS IS KING” is a solid project and I recommend that you give it a listen.