Happy Family: A Pittsburg niche for Asian food

Ibarra reflects on her first visit to Pittsburg’s new restaurant


Photo by: Ximena Ibarra

Senior Andres Munguia eats rice and chicken at Happy Family.

Story by Ximena Ibarra, Reporter

I drove past Happy Family almost every day on my way to and from school, but I never thought about stopping by until several people recommended it to me.

When I arrived I ordered steamed dumplings. The first bite brought me immense joy with its slick texture on the outside yet savory filling on the inside.

I quickly ate the six dumplings and ordered Ma La Fried Rice.

I’ve tried fried rice in other Asian restaurants, but they were nothing like this one. The Ma La Fried Rice was the perfect level of spicy. At first, I did not taste the spiciness, but as I ate more I did.

The bean sprouts allowed for a brief relief from the hot spices in the rice.

I’ve tried fried rice in other Asian restaurants, but they were nothing like this one.

— Ximena Ibarra

Along with the sprouts came mushrooms, chicken and rice. These ingredients perfectly complemented each other to form a delicious meal.

The food at Happy Family was satisfactory and the service is the same.

When I was about to order my food, the server told me to try something different and suggested their delicious Ma La Fried Rice.

I would not have considered this type of fried rice if the kind man had not suggested it to me.

Happy Family is the perfect place in town to get mouth-watering Asian food. Once I got a taste of the delicious dumplings and my favorite fried rice, I regretted overlooking it.



Location: 901 E Fourth Street, Pittsburg, KS 66762

Hours: Tuesday-Sunday:11 AM-9 PM 

Website: https://www.happyfamilyks.com/