Tasting sweetness

Pittsburg welcomes Sugar Rush


Photo by: Aubrey Bolinger

Junior Maddy Robison eats multi-flavored ice cream at Sugar Rush.

Story by Susana Canales, Reporter

As I walked into Sugar Rush, on Broadway, next to Hotel Stillwell and Otto’s cafe the first thing I noticed was the pink. Pink walls, pleasant ice cream decorations and a cozy feeling. The space is limited to about three tables for seating. The floor area is confined from three tables to the point where you feel like you can’t speak out loud due to the fear of being overheard.

While it is mainly an ice cream shop, Sugar Rush also sells candy and a few other goodies. I looked up at the wall to look at the menu, which was on a chalkboard. We decided to get the Funky Monkey, a sundae, which is three flavors of your choice ice cream, hot fudge, whipped cream, peanuts and a cherry on top. Having decided what we wanted, my cousin and I walked up to the counter.

Some of the flavors they had were, banana pudding, chocolate, cotton candy and more. We each sampled the banana pudding flavor and then chose chocolate, vanilla and banana pudding. The sundae took a total of less than five minutes to make. We ended up paying about $6 dollars for a rather small sundae, but the flavors were fantastic and the overall experience of Sugar Rush was enjoyable. I prefer Braums, because braums has bigger sundae’s and more flavors but if you want a close-to-home feeling, then, head to Sugar Rush. 



3.5/5 stars 

Location: 3905, 709 North Broadway Street, Pittsburg, KS 66762

Hours: Wednesday-Thursday: 12-8 PM

Friday-Saturday: 12-10 PM

Sunday: 12-7 PM 

Website: http://sugar-rush-sweet-treats.business.site/

Social Media: Instagram: sugar_rush2017_