“Bobby Tarantino II”

Sullivan praises Logic’s newest release


Logic released his 7th mixtape, Bobby Tarantino II, on March 9th. This follows the release of Everybody roughly a year earlier. This album featured the tracks “1-800-273-8255”, “Everybody” and “Black Spiderman.”

He was nominated for 2017 Song of the Year and Music Video of the Year for 1-800. Following these accolades, Logic dropped “44 More” and “Everyday” approximately a week apart.

The mixtape was released with little notice, however, the art for BTII was released on the internet a week or two before its release, creating speculation of a project soon to be released.

Coming off his undoubtedly most successful year, Logic dropped more heat with the sequel to Bobby Tarantino. This was the mixtape that originally introduced me to (and made me a diehard fan of) Logic, so needless to say I was a little excited to see this project released. The mixtape features 13 songs, amounting to 43 minutes of Logic induced flame.

BTII currently sits on the top of “Billboard’s Top 200 Chart” for a perfectly valid reason. I can confidently say that every song brings a solid and unique contribution to the mixtape. Aside from my astonishment at the project’s lack of filler, I do have a few favorites and recommendations other than the whole thing.

Before listening, one must understand that “mixtape Logic” and “album Logic” are two very different things as mentioned in Grandpa’s Spaceship featuring Rick and Morty.

According to Rick, album Logic has a message and is inspirational, while mixtape Logic is Atlanta club rap. Disregarding Grandpa Rick’s interpretation of Logic’s discography, I  can still agree that “he has a plethora of music that varies from mood to mood.”

“BoomTrap Protocol” features a darker sample and is an easy-listen track with some really strong vocals by Logic amidst his lightning flow. “Yuck” is another flex track that covers his stance on rapper beef and his disdain for it. “Wassup” featuring Big Sean was a song that, as a fan of hip-hop, made me happy to listen to. I would argue that these two artists have quite a few similarities are both going strong. Their styles combine very smoothly with the flex sound continued. “44 More” was yet another one of my personal favorites of the mixtape. This track is a follow-up to “44 Bars” in Bobby Tarantino– my favorite song of that particular mixtape. He basically flaunts his speed while remaining lyrically flawless.

The mixtape boasts many other strong tracks that I also enjoyed. “Everyday”, “Indica Badu” feat. Wiz Khalifa, and “Contra” all embody the hype Logic that the Bobby Tarantino tapes are all about.

I highly suggest listening to Bobby Tarantino II if you haven’t already. Within these songs, Logic reveals yet another facet of his artistry that captivates fans and tops charts. I can say wholeheartedly that Logic is one of my absolute favorite artists and I patiently await more of his work. In the words of Morty, “all Logic is good Logic.”