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The Booster Redux

Elijah Harris

Story by: Ivan Walter, Writer

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Being a starter at the varsity level is something normal for junior Elijah Harris. Harris plays football, basketball and baseball, but has intentions of playing either football or baseball in the future.

Harris uses these intentions to his advantage.

“Basketball is not my number one sport, so I don’t have to worry about recruiting, and that makes the game come easier,” Harris said. “I can go out and play my game without worrying if a recruit will like what I am doing.”

Harris, while not looking for a future in basketball, still cares about the game and the team as a whole. He still has goals for the season that he hopes to accomplish.

“ I definitely want to win the SEK, first of all, and then I hope to go far into the postseason,” Harris said.

Last season, the boys team racked up 6 wins, which led to low expectations in the preseason where the dragons were picked third in the SEK. However, the boys are now in first place in the SEK with a record of 8-2 in conference play.

“The season started very slow, but is going well right now.” Harris said. “After we got our first win, we got on a roll, and now we are number one in SEK.”

One main goal for Harris this year was to improve on last year’s win total and the team met that mark before even playing half of their games.

“One of my top goals this season was to win more games than we did last year,” Harris said. “It feels good to have already done that.”

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Elijah Harris