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PHS Cheerleaders are ‘Camp Champs’

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Photo by: Amanda Bourbina

Over the summer, the cheer team traveled to Coffeyville Community College in July for the Universal Cheerleaders Association (UCA) camp. At this camp, they were awarded Camp Champions. They compete for Camp Champs in different categories.

Cheer coach Diana Oertle believes that the camp was beneficial to her squad.

“When we went to camp we learned lots of new material,” Oertle said.

The cheer squad won a few awards while in Coffeyville, the biggest award they won was The Top Banana Spirit Award.  It was awarded to the team with the most, or best, spirit. The cheer squad won The Banana Award on the very first day of camp and brought it home on the very last day of camp.

Some students even participated in competition for individual awards. Sophomore Haleigh Mynatt was among many that competed and was able to win the Jump Off round for the freshman and sophomore division.

“[Winning the award] was really exciting and really special because not many people got the chance to win,” Mynatt said.

Prior to the camp the cheer team spent their time trying to get prepared.

“Before going to camp they practiced an hour and a half for several weeks,” Oertle said.
“We worked a lot on conditioning, motions and stunting, plus we learned our fight song that we were evaluated on at camp.”

When the cheer squad went to camp they practiced from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. with a lunch and dinner break in the middle.

Senior Erica Seal and junior Michaela Watkins thought that there was going to be some mistakes made while performing, but Seal believes that they did their best anyways.

“I was afraid that we were going to mess up on the stunts,” Watkins said. “Before performing, the cheer squad was nervous going out there.”

“We were all really nervous, but we went out there as a family and did great,” Seal said.

Winning all of these awards  made Oertle feel like all the teams hard work paid off.

“I felt very proud of all their hard work and I was very excited for them,” Oertle said.

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PHS Cheerleaders are ‘Camp Champs’