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Abbie Casper

Story by: Lexi Palmer, Writer

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To fulfill a childhood dream of being a professional basketball player, sophomore Abbie Casper practices more than 15 hours a week on improving her skills.  

“I started playing because all I ever wanted to do was play basketball.”, Casper said. “It’s my favorite sport. Growing up, I wanted to play basketball at KU and play in the WNBA.”

Casper appreciates the company of her father, who works with her on growing stronger as a player.

“My dad is always there for me, cheering me on and giving me advice about life and basketball,” Casper said. “He is my biggest fan and rarely ever misses a game. I am so grateful to have such a great supporter that teaches me about the game.”

Out on the court, Casper feels she is supported not only by her team,

but by her friends. According to Casper, one of the major components in basketball is having a team you can trust and work well with.

“I like how we are all friends on and off the court and care so much about each person that is a part of the team,” Casper said. “The intensity and chemistry between the players has really helped us become better as a team.”    

By playing basketball, Casper has learned that failure is something players have to face.

“The hardest part is dealing with failure, and not being afraid of it. In sports, you are going to fail,” Casper said. “But the most difficult thing is learning how to make something of it and move on to make the next play better.”

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Abbie Casper