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A Day In the Life of A Dual Athlete

Students Play Two Sports In One Season

Story by: Lexi Palmer, Writer

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Hours before first period begins, junior Kayla Clark is already at school practicing her dance for the basketball halftime performance with her bag packed for a volleyball tournament. Clark is one of many dual athletes who has to balance her time training for multiple sports at once.

“It can be pretty tough sometimes,” Clark said. “I always try to be prepared for the week in advance and have a schedule set for everything I have to do. After a while, it just becomes routine.”

Junior Taylor Muff enjoys the fact that she is able to play volleyball and basketball at the same time.

“Basketball is important to me,” Muff said. “I’ve been playing ever since I was little, but volleyball is my favorite sport. I usually have two basketball games during the week, maybe even a volleyball tournament on the weekends, on top of that seven practices all together.”

On top of typical school work, dual athletes must account for numerous practices and games in their schedule.

“As a [dual] athlete, you take on the responsibility of having homework late at night and maybe not being able to go to sleep until 11,” freshman Vanessa Yaghmour said. “You learn to study a couple days earlier than others so it doesn’t run into your practices.”

These athletes accept the challenge of balancing school with multiple sports all at the same time.

“I think it’s good for them to do more than one sport because, they work on different muscle groups, giving them less of a chance to get injured,” Eric Flaton  head girls basketball coach said. “The girls do a really good job of not giving up when any signs of being worn out come.”

These dual sport athletes practice for roughly 17 and a half hours a week.

“Other people tell me I am overdoing it, but I love it,” sophomore Abbie Casper said. “I love being busy.”

Regardless of their favorite sport, dual athletes show an equal amount of dedication and passion for the game and enjoy the support of the team.

“I chose to play volleyball and basketball because I have a passion for them and I love being a part of a team,” Yaghmour said.

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A Day In the Life of A Dual Athlete