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Early Open Gyms

Story by: Maddie Baden, Writer

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While most students are sleeping in, several softball players are up and moving at 6:30 in the morning.

“I do not necessarily like waking up,” senior softball player Abby Harris said. “I like playing softball so much, though, that I am okay with going and getting up to practice because I know it is going to make us better in the long run.”

On Tuesdays and Thursdays, players have the chance to improve their ability and prepare for the upcoming season in morning workouts at open gyms.

Workouts are not mandatory, but softball coach Sarah Wall encourages every girl who is not playing basketball to attend in the mornings.

This is the first year for Wall to be head coach, as well as being the first to try out morning routines. Also, Wall decides to start the workouts in order to give the girls a chance to put in extra work.

Softball players sophomore Madison Vogel, junior Caitlyn Burdick and Harris also feel that the open gyms will increase the team’s skill.

“I feel like it will help me for the season because it will get me back in the groove of things,” Vogel said. “I think it will also help my team, especially the ones who have not picked up a ball since our last game.”

Wall believes the workouts will be a chance to get closer to the team and allow upperclassmen to run the workouts.

“We feel that they need to work with each other and it is great for our seniors to work on leadership skills,” Wall said

While Wall has input on the workouts, it is the juniors and seniors responsibility to organize what is going to be focused on for each open gym.

“[The athletes] are working on footwork patterns with ladder drills and conditioning,” Wall said. “The girls do their own thing.”

Along with conditioning together as a team, the girls have the ability to work on certain areas of softball they feel they need to improve in.

“I like going because I pitch most of the time with Abby [Harris],” Burdick said. “I feel like the open gyms help in improving with my pitching.”

The softball season kicks off with the first practice on Feb. 29. With all of the morning workouts behind them, both Wall and the players feel they will be more prepared for the season.

“We have a couple more weeks to keep going with [morning open gyms] and we have had about a total of 16 morning workouts,” Harris said. “Having the [open gyms] will have been beneficial because the more practice we are putting in, the more experience we are going to have as a team.”


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Early Open Gyms