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Surviving The 5th Wave

Story by: Julie Wilson, Writer

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Based on the novel by Rick Yancey, The 5th Wave is about an alien invasion of Earth. The unseen invaders are nicknamed ‘The Others’, until it is discovered that they can take over human bodies and look just like normal people.

Chloe Grace Moretz plays Cassie, our heroine, a regular teenage girl. She has a crush on Ben (Nick Robinson), a popular boy who barely knows she exists. Cassie has a mom and dad and a younger brother Sam (Zackary Aurthur) of whom she is very protective.

The first wave took out the power, the second was a world-wide earthquake, the third was a horrible disease, and the fourth is the invasion of Others who look human and kill people. The first four waves bring nothing but death and destruction.

Now ‘The Others’ are trying to wipe the few remaining survivors in the fifth wave. Cassie’s parents die before the fifth wave starts and Sam gets separated from her. She promises to find him (he’s been taken to a military base). When she is shot by an ‘Other’, she is healed by a mysterious person named Evan (Alex Roe). Together they travel through the ruined countryside to find Sam.

While this is going on, Ben, (who survived the plague while his family died in the waves) has joined an army of children formed by Colonel Vosch (Liev Schreiber).  He becomes leader of this group, who have nicknames like Ringer, Dumbo, and Teacup.  Sam is part of this group too, but Ben does not realize he is Cassie’s little brother. Eventually, they all figure out the secret of the fifth wave.

When I watched this movie I saw a lot of the same stuff from ‘Hunger Games’, ‘Maze Runner’ and ‘Twilight’. In movies like these, there is always something special about the main character, there is a love triangle, and the kids have to solve all the world’s problems on their own because all the grownups are evil.

The only thing that sets ‘The 5th Wave’ apart from those movies is that it is apocalyptic (the world is ending).  ‘Hunger Games’, ‘Maze Runner’ and ‘Divergent’ are post-apocalyptic (the world has ended and something terrible has replaced it).  There is not much of a difference, but it does make the world easier to understand to the viewer.

I also think the movie kind of glosses over the fact that the world is ending. Although there are scenes of the world falling apart and the characters see bodies piled up because there is not enough people left alive to bury them, the film does not really let the characters feel that the world is ending.  Cassie spends about the same amount of time missing her cell phone as she does missing her parents.  A little more depth here would have made this movie about perfect.

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Surviving The 5th Wave