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Rainbow Six: Siege Multiplayer Impresses

Story by: Connor Balthazor, Writer

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Don’t let the name deter you, it isn’t about rainbows, trust me. “Rainbow Six: Siege” is a multiplayer focused first-person shooter that has been cautiously anticipated for well over a year now. Many people, myself included, were worried if this game would deliver what it was advertising. “Rainbow Six: Siege” ended up being exactly what I was hoping for, a tactical, slow paced shooter that is extremely intense and teamwork based.

Out of the three main modes in “Rainbow Six: Siege,” two of them really aren’t particularly interesting. One of the game modes, “Situations,” is essentially a glorified tutorial. The other mode, “Terrorist Hunt,” is very similar to situations, except that it can be played with other people. While it is nice to have variety in the game, “Terrorist Hunt” and “Situations” aren’t viable options.

The multiplayer in “Rainbow Six: Siege” is five players versus five players in all multiplayer modes. The multiplayer modes include hostage rescue, in which five players must attempt to rescue a hostage from a room defended by the opposing team. Another mode is Bomb Defusal, in which there is two bombs in the map that you must locate and defuse or defend, depending on if you’re with the attackers or defenders. The last one is Capture Area, where one room in the map contains a biohazard container that you must either capture or defend. To end any game mode, you can eliminate the entire enemy team.

One of the first things I noticed is the extremely low health, compared to other first-person shooters such as “Call of Duty” and “Battlefield”. In “Rainbow Six: Siege,” the weapons inflict much more damage than most other games. On top of that, a headshot is a one-shot kill. While the high damage can be frustrating at first, it does add to the realism of the game.

Before a round of the game begins, there is a preparation phase. In this phase, the attackers use remote control drones to search the building and look for the objective. The defenders spend this time fortifying their location and do their best to keep the attackers out. Defenders are given different materials to defend themselves, such as: wooden door barricades, reinforced wall barricades, barbed wire, deployable shields, and more.

One of the most interesting features in this game is “Operators.” “Operators” are different soldiers that can be unlocked in-game and they each have a unique ability. The “Operators” are grouped into Counter-Terrorist Units (CTU) that each have two attackers and two defenders, which can be unlocked using in-game currency earned after matches. The CTU’s are; SAS, FBI Swat, GIGN, Spetsnaz and GSG 9. With there being 20 operators in the game, it can be overwhelming to try and choose which one to unlock from which “CTU.” For people that are just beginning, I recommend unlocking either “Thermite,” “Sledge,” “Rook,” or “Castle.” “Thermite” is an attacker carrying a special breaching charge that can destroy reinforced walls. “Sledge” is another attacker that carries around a sledge hammer to break through all walls with the exception of reinforced walls. “Rook” is a defender that has a duffel bag that contains armor for other members of your team to take. “Castle” is equipped with bullet proof barricades that are much more effective than the normal barricades, which are wooden and can be broken easily.

When it comes to gameplay, one thing I hadn’t anticipated was how balanced the attackers and defenders would be. While the defenders normally stay in a small area where the objective is and the attackers can come from all directions, the defenders are given two reinforced walls and an unlimited amount of wooden barricades. The attackers can also rappel up and down the side of buildings and use breaching charges to enter in windows.

While this game was anticipated to do very well, many people were still very cautious. If you’re thinking about picking up this game, you’ll definitely get your money’s worth. Rating 9/10

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Rainbow Six: Siege Multiplayer Impresses